Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm in deep, deep trouble

Oh for pity's sake...

All the good shows on television are ending and I'm still glued to the couch giving my knee the rest it needs.

The Amazing Race is long gone. America's Next Top Model finale was Wednesday. Vampire Diaries ended last Thursday (*not that I watch it...*ahem). And my favorite show, The Biggest Loser, airs its finale Tuesday.

What on earth will I do? Seriously, people, I love to read...but for some reason I just can't bear to finish JR Ward's Lover Unbound. I have no idea why. And until I finish that one I refuse to pick up another. I think part of me believes if I start another story I'll never come back to finish this one...and Viscious' story deserves to be read. It really does.

At last month's SFARWA meeting I got autographed copies of Barry Eisler's Fault Line and Monica McCarty's The Chief. I cracked open the first pages of The Chief and was immediately pulled in. I snapped the book closed...

Can't read it yet...nope.

I'm being ridiculous, I know. But with my good shows ending and my unfinished read idling on my shelf I feel like trouble has come calling.

I guess I better get this knee iced so I can start moving around. Lord knows The Husband would like me to start being a little productive.

On a very side note: It's kinda been a blessing in disguise me being out of commission and The Husband having to pick up the slack by taking over my duties as High Priestess of the house. He's definitely realized how wearing my job is...and when it was time for him to go back to work last night I think I saw him skipping out the door. Mothers, Caretakers, Wives, Homemakers YOU ROCK.

Being Susie Homemaker is not easy to say the least (especially when you're trying to look good doing it)...


Talli Roland said...

Oh, I know that feeling. I need good telly at night to relax and when my favourite shows finish I always feel cast adrift!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh, that's rough to be out of commission. I do hope your knee gets to feeling better soon, especially since your shows are ending ;) But how lovely when the hubs gets to experience a taste of what life is like for his wife. I know my husband wasn't all that thrilled when I took up writing more seriously. As much as he wanted to see me finally finish a novel, he didn't much enjoy taking over many of my normal duties. Ah well, what is marriage if not compromise ;) Still, best wishes for a quick recovery!

Kristin Miller said...

Talli-you just summed up most of my nights!
Carolina-Thanks for the well wishes...and I totally get what you mean about picking up the hubby doesn't like that part about writing either. Laundry is the thing that's majorly fallen by the wayside. But hey, what's a full basket of clothes compared to a hammered-out chapter? :)