About Me

I'm not all that interesting. Really. Ask my Tuesday Night Settlers of Catan teammates. They can vouch. Actually, I think I just vouched for them. (And don't worry, you will remain anonymous. Unless you screw up a trade next go-round in which case I'll slather your name everywhere. Ha!)

Here's other random tidbits about me:

1-My favorite sound in the world is windshield wipers pushing fat raindrops off glass.

2-I love sitting on the beach, but would rather breathe fresh mountain air.

3-I've cut down my Christmas tree in the same place every year since I was little. Minus one year when my college roommates and I went hiking through the Humboldt forrest of snow and rocks and mud to find the perfect tree...I was on crutches. F-U-N.

4-I've had two knee surgeries in the last eight years. Same knee. Different doctors.

5-I can't carry a tune.

6-I'm seriously addicted to Starbucks Mochas.

7-I seriously need to quit #6.

8-My Bachelors degree is in Psychology. I think that's why I write sick, twisted villains so well. They're my favorite!

9-The only books I read growing up were by Dean Koontz and John Saul.

10-In spite of #9 and all the gloom that entails, I had a happy childhood.

11-I'm a full-fledged adult, but my feet are still growing. I'm currently size 9. There'll be Big Foot sightings in my area within five years. Watch for them.

12-All the socks I own are white.

13-I think Travis Barker is the best drummer EVER. I'm a serious fangirl for Blink 182.

14-I prefer Pepsi to Coke and milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

15-I've traveled to 46 of the 50 United States.

16-The best pizza in the country can be found at Smugs in the Arcata Square in Humboldt County.

17-I can read Spanish but can't speak it.

18-I have a slight bag fetish. One for each outfit isn't that bad, is it?

19-Judge. Judy. Rocks. It's one of the only shows I watch religiously.

20-I have a Titanic reference in every book I write.


22-I can twirl two fire batons at once.

23-I have complex issues with simple math.

24-The only YA book I've ever read is Twilight. I didn't care for it much. (Please don't send hate mail)

25-I make four cups of coffee every morning but only drink two.

26-I don't like seafood, but have tried pretty much everything once.

27-My husband still gives me butterflies.

28-Roses are my favorite flower. They smell the sweetest and bloom the loveliest.

29-I have a black thumb. Even weeds stay out of my yard.