Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Talk about throwing a wrench in my gears...

I think the iPhone's are pretty cool even though I still don't own one. The idea that your phone can be your calendar, your camera, your GPS, and your internet connection is freakin-awesome technology. I'd have one already if it wasn't for my two year contract with Verizon (that's up in October--woohoo!). I've heard good reviews on the Droid and Droid Eris but can't come to grips with giving up my burgundy EnV2 that works just fine.

But now the iPad throws a whole new dimension to the problem. It's currently priced at $499 and would perform all the functions of my laptop, but be small enough to fit in my purse! It'd still be able to keep my cheap-o, good-enough-for-me phone and do everything those iPhone people can do. And I bet if I did the math (which I'm not about to do...I'm an English person, people. Math and me don't mix.), I bet the one time high price of $499 would be cheaper than the monthly internet connection for iPhones (which runs $30/month last time I checked) when you add up all the months of use. I dunno.

See what I mean? iPhone or iPad and regular cell phone? Ah, the dilemma.

What I really don't get are people who have the iPhone but want the iPad too. I mean really? Who can afford two high-priced devices that are exactly the same except for one that has a bigger screen? Just in case you wanna...I don't know, see something closer up? Like Jacob's abs in Twilight or Jack Nicholson's nose hair?

Oh, I could go a either way I suppose. For now I'll just sit back with my EnV and envy people who have either one.

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