Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Friday!

Howdy from Barnes and Noble!

I decided to leave my brand new desk setup (which I'll post pictures of next week--I tried yesterday but they didn't come out right) and seek writing shelter in a local bookstore. I thought delving into Chapter 2 might flow easier away from home.

Not to mention I just HAD to buy Kiersten White's Paranormalcy

...and Monica McCarty's The Hawk.

(Edited to add: just look at these covers! How could I resist?)

How's my writing going, you ask? How thoughtful of you...

Dark Tide Rising is still waiting on a release date and final edits from The Wild Rose Press.

Enemy, Beloved is still on submission in New York. (And believe me, as soon as I hear ANYTHING I'll post here.)

Immortal, Beloved is...well it''s just put it this way: I've written three different versions of Chapter 2 and none of them feel right. Something is missing. And as long as something is missing I'll keep reworking it.

I don't know why, but the first three chapters are always the hardest for me. Some people write like a top. (Remember those little spinning toys?) They get an idea, spin that story and are off at super-high speeds until they fall off their chair from exhaustion 400 pages later.

I'm kind of like a train. It takes a whole lot of effort to get up to speed, but once I'm going, I'M GOING. From there, top speed is within reach and I can speed through the ending rather smoothly.

Speaking of a train and smooth writing, I have to get back onboard and write!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Donna Hosie said...

Good luck with your many projects. It sounds like an exciting time.

AJ Larrieu said...

I'm right the with you, but with Chapter 1! I'm not letting myself move on until I get it *just right.* Good luck!