Thursday, September 2, 2010

2009's Mr. RT and Fresh Prince Get It Right

A childhood friend of mine (who happens to be 2009's Mr. Romantic Times {hello Mr. Paz!}), linked this on his Facebook page a couple days ago. (He's also agreed to be the Spotlight Interview for September.)

I watched the video. I listened. Something about what the Fresh Prince said struck a cord within me.

Take a look.

Did you hear what he said? When you decide what you want to do, and who you want to be, the Universe moves out of your way. It realizes this is war and you will get what you want at all costs. Suddenly the road becomes smooth. The clouds part. New goals take shape.

The difference between those who reach their goal and those who fall short are the ones who give up along the way.

So break through that rough spot. Re-prioritize your options, deciding what you will not compromise...and what you will. Re-work that problem scene. Get to it. Challenge the Universe to stand in your way.

I know I am. *grin

If you're interested in reading the book Will Smith mentioned as his favorite and beyond inspirational, click here to be carried away to amazon.



Summer Ross said...

I have this book, it is really good.

Deb Markanton said...

Kristin, you're spooky! Today was a breakdown day with those serious questions about what I want to do and who I want to be. I love this book and had forgotten how powerful it is. Thanks for this post.

pj schnyder said...

I absolutely agree on all counts.

I have the deepest respect for those with the heart and the drive to make things happen, who don't simply wait for fate.

Take care.

emily j. griffin said...

Love. Love. Love this.

Kristin Miller said...

Summer--I've never actually read it, but after watching the video I think I may need to add it to my TBR pile. Glad to hear it reaffirmed from someone else. :)

Deb--you are so welcome! And you are wonderful! Glad you connected to the video...good timing I suppose.

PJ--Thanks for taking the time to comment. The people with the kind of drive he speaks of are people with FIRE. Oh, did I just refer to a previous post? I think I did. That one was good too. ;)

Emily--So. So. So glad. Me too! I watched it again just now.

AJ Larrieu said...

This is so inspiring! And so true, I think. Wanting it--really wanting it--is the most important battle to win.