Monday, March 7, 2011

In which I admit, Yes, *duck and cover* I'm very shy...

I wrote my last post in a wild and giddy flurry of excitement. I mean, google has been BLOWING UP with news about Avon's new ebook line, Avon Impulse (Did you see where it mentioned my two book deal???) and I barely pulled myself away from the buzzing internet search to toss up a post about the press release.

But I think I forgot something very important...I wonder what it could've been...

Did I forget to mention how downright THRILLED I am about the TWO BOOK DEAL I signed with Avon Impulse? (HOLYHORSESHOESHOWDIDTHISHAPPEN?)

Did I forget to mention how humbled I am to be picked up by such a well-established publishing house who is on the cutting edge of the e-pub revolution?

Did I forget to mention how uber-supportive my family, friends, and writing peers have been through this whole crazy roller-coaster of a process?

Did I forget to mention how unbelievably lucky I am (BLESSED is more like it) that I get to work with Amazing Agent Nalini Akolekar? (That's her superwoman name, but don't mention it off of this blog--it's top secret. She's got crazy-good powers of publishing behind her.) Now, as if I wasn't blessed enough already, I also get to work with Esi Sogah from Avon's star-studded line-up of editors!

Did I forget to mention how my phone is vibrating constantly from the congratulatory emails and I'm sure my terrier, Bailey, thinks it's possessed as it shimmies across the living room end table. (You should see the quizzical looks he's throwing around.)

Last, but not least, did I mention that today has truly been a dream come true?

I didn't mention *any* of that?



A. J. Larrieu said...

Hooray! I'm so, so happy for you! Congratulations--this is much-deserved.

Pamela Fryer said...

Oops wrong post...blogger is trying to make me insane this morning. Here we go again-CONGRATULATIONS!!

Kristin Miller said...

A.J, Pam--THANK YOU!! I can't tell you how much your support means to me.

Kaitlyn said...

Lol! You're too funny with your posts haha. I'm happy you're so excited and I'm excited for you! I'll answer your question though, you said: "HOLYHORSESHOESHOWDIDTHISHAPPEN?" Well I'll tell you, it happened because Enemy Beloved is AWESOME and you're dedicated to improving your craft! Simple as that ;-)

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