Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Hop!

Happy Monday! Or, er, good morning and I hope your Monday is going better than mine is. Ever had one of those days where you know you have a gazillion things to do? You can't possibly remember everything that's going on, so you write it down...then lose your list? Twice? Ever had one of those days where you try to get really organized, planning your schedule the night before because there's simply too much garbage going on for you to remember every last--and very important--detail on the actual day and then you sleep so hard you miss your alarm? Ever had one of those days when you want to hit the Do Over button and curl back in bed?

Yup. Today is that day for me. Tomorrow too.

I'm volunteering in a bunch of clasrooms this week for Halloween festivities. Oh, the glitter, the candy, the joy, the five extra pounds to cart around on my hips! *sigh* I'm hosting a party, and a game night at my house...on the same two different places. Serious baking is about to commence. I'm getting a new stove--which I am over the moon about. It's stainless and clean and purty and I'm going to love cooking on it. (You should see the pics tomorrow of the 1960's avocado green dinosaur I've been cooking on for the last five years. The horror!) I'm already thinking about what I want its first meal to be...corned beef and cabbage? Homemade lasagna? Pot roast? See what I mean about being busy? The house is trashed, there's laundry to be done, my fridge is empty, and I barely have time to rattle off this post.

So here I go. I'm off to battle the day...starting with another blog hop. Hope your Monday is restful, quiet, and stress-free.


Robin DeJarnett said...

I know how you feel...I'm about to jump in the car for my afternoon tote-the-kids-around run. Volunteer stuff is tomorrow.

Because we don't hear it enough:


Thanks for giving your time and asking nothing in return, and for doing all you can to support not only your kids but others. We all benefit from your gift!

Wishing you a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate at the end of your hectic day,


Nicki Elson said...

Good luck getting through all of that! And I hope you get to enjoy it too. :)

Kristin Miller said...

Robin--How sweet of you! You deserve a massive THANK YOU as well, not only for what you do, but for taking the time to forward it to me. :)

Nicki--Thanks! My stove is being delivered in about 10 minutes, so that's the first exciting thing of the morning. Yesterday went well, just as hectic as I thought it'd to tackle today...Oh, and did I mention there will be festivities tonight? I hope to have tons of pictures to post. :)