Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RWA Day 1: Flight

So. My plan was to post a ton of pictures today. I took tons. So not like me. My blog post was going to be funny--a riot!

Instead I'm sitting barefoot on the hotel bed exhausted out of my mind...and blogger won't load the pictures because the hotel Wi-Fi is too slow. Yeah. No good. So until I can mooch off Wi-Fi from another area you'll have to do with this re-cap.

I've been up since 2:30 am pacific time. It's 11:00 pm eastern time now. I've had little to eat today; unless you'd call an airline Wasabe Chicken Sandwich and a mocha lunch. Turbulence due to thunderstorms over the runway was so bad that we had to circle the airport for 20 minutes. I almost had a panic attack each time we hit an air pocket.

And I couldn't stop laughing. Call it an awkward stress release--beats me.

Did I forget to mention I had a kick-ass dinner with Debra Dixon, the owner of Belle books? I did? Let me tell you...she was awesome. Dinner was much-needed. Drinks were fruity and much too strong for my taste.

So that's it. My re-cap sans cool pictures that would've made you laugh. Oh! And I saw Nora Roberts. Twice!

Workshops start tomorrow. I'll fill you in more and hopefully have some photos to share. Night all.

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Aubree said...

turbulence is awful! obviously haha.

looking forward to these promised funny pictures!